Stack Overflow Careers House Rules

What kind of jobs do we allow?

To answer the question, "Is this job ok to post on Stack Overflow Careers?" use the following litmus test: "Will the primary role of this position be implementing solutions to technical problems by writing software?" If yes, then this job will most likely be a good fit. (This typically includes jobs for developers, programmers, or software engineers.)

Additionally, we allow listings for certain other positions that work very closely with developers and require a strong understanding of programming. These include the following:

  • Analyst, Business Intelligence, or Data Scientist: We allow these if they are actually roles for people who are expected to write custom code, not people who just use tools. There are a few major reporting tools which should trigger your need to look at the responsibilities of the position in depth: Excel, Crystal Reports, Cognos and a few others.
  • CTO: Positions for technical managers are allowed as long as they are primarily responsible for making technical decisions and not more of the managing people part.
  • Designer: positions are allowed as long as they meet one of the following criteria:
    • They are required to implement their own designs in HTML or CSS.
    • They will primarily focus on user experience or interaction development.
  • Product Managers: Positions for product managers are allowed if they work with developers to implement new technical features (not proJEct, but proDUct).
  • Software Testers: These positions are allowed as long as the individual needs to write scripts and automate tests.
  • System Administrators and Developer Operations (DevOps): These jobs are allowed. When posting, remember to check the SysAdmin check box so that the role appears on ServerFault in addition to Stack Overflow.

Job Listings

  1. Listings must have a valid company URL.
    How will applicants know who you are if you don’t have a website? Also, 404 errors don’t look good on anyone.
  2. Job listings must be actual job listings.
    No career fair invites or recruiter solicitations.
  3. One position and one location per job listing.
    Multiple positions need to go into multiple job listings. If you are a recruiting firm posting on behalf of your client, then your client needs to be named as the employer and your role in the process needs to be explained.
  4. Don’t describe yourself in a way that excludes others.
    Here’s a primer on protected classes.
  5. Listings must include the hiring company's name.
    If you are a recruiter, you must fill in the Company Name field with your client's company name.

Candidate Search

Our candidates are the quintessence of the Stack Overflow Careers universe. Therefore, we are protective of them. Developers on Stack Overflow are particularly sensitive to anything that can be interpreted as "spam," so it's very important that you send messages that are unique to each individual. Our candidate search has the highest response rate among all other recruitment platforms in the industry because we try hard to keep the messages personalized and relevant. We do everything in our power to not annoy them nor let them be harassed, ergo:

Candidate Communication Commandments:

  1. No invitations to career fairs.
  2. No solicitations for general representation.
  3. No requests for contact information of friends or family.
  4. Be specific; canned cut-and-paste messages are not appreciated.
  5. Messages to a candidate must be for a specific job opportunity.
  6. If you are a recruiter, the client (company) must be divulged.
  7. No means no. Do not continue to message someone if they are not interested.

Company Pages

Company pages on Stack Overflow Careers are specifically meant to promote your company to potential hires, and the content and language should reflect this. This is not the place to advertise the services of your company to potential clients, advertise jobs (other than those posted on careers), or invite people to recruiting events.

Last, but Not Least

We reserve the right to pull listings and company pages or revoke access to your search subscription if any of the above rules are broken. In general, any non-functional job posting (apply link doesn’t work or job requisition has expired) or any listing, company page or candidate search subscription that violates these rules will be pulled immediately, after which we will work with you to remedy the problem. Once remedied we will republish/restart the product for the remainder of its time.

Please contact your sales rep or email if you have any questions about this!